So this mornin’ was going pretty fine and dandy, I got a lot of sleep, they had a somewhat decent breakfast so you know that’s cool and stuff, but you know what isn’t cool — the fact that my tooth has started hurting for no reason! 


Well, would you look at that.

Look at what though, because all I’m seein’ is two patients and a dull, gray wall.
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If I reach for it, are you gonna’ jerk it away?

"It is, but i don’t want to complain, i chose this and there are no (major) regrets..I believe you can still achieve anything you want - don’t speak like you have no future."


Anthony led her through the hallways as they went on with their conversation. He felt sorry for this young girl - she wasn’t a bad person, but the circumstances brought out the wrong side of her and it pretty much destroyed her potentials. But there’s no place for sorrow today. Hopefully the girl had not a clue on the world for the improvised ‘birthday party’ she was about to receive. The shrink ordered a cake for her and the nurses decorated the therapy room. Of course it was nothing compared to those parties she must’ve been used to but it was still something..

I have basically no future, it’s only right that I speak this way. And before you pull the ol’ ‘you can still get out of here thing’ because I know a guy who’s been in here for ten years, and they still won’t let em’ go. He’s probably the sweetest one here— might I add.
She continued to answer the man as they spoke, though she was still in a bit of a rough mood. She had a right to be, right? It was her birthday and she was spending it in this terrible place, but what else could she do, she was stuck there for a few years, if not the rest of her life. Walking into the room her mouth dropped open slightly at the sight. It was decorated, like a real birthday party? She’d hadn’t had one of those since she was around seven, and even then it was simply her eating cake and watching cartoons by herself. But now she was actually spending it with someone else. She looked to him with excitement in her eyes— Did you, did you do the thing? She said gesturing to the room, seeing as her sentences weren’t exactly making sense.

It doesn’t sound stupid, any of it. Did you ever kill anyone? image

I— I did, but I just couldn’t take them anymore! They- They blamed me for my mother’s disappearance, they violated me and I had to do something about it! So after reading through my writing- the type where I’d written down ways to execute someone, I choose a few, and eventually cut all of them down. It was easy to see that I was the culprit though, seeing as no one else was ever really bullied at my school. Her arms go around her own waist as she looks up at the taller girl I’m so sorry.

No, not really. I never had much emotion until recently. Until I went crazy.image

You wen’t crazy? I mean, I’d love to know what you mean, but it’s none of my business, so you can just tell me if you’d ever like to. Well depending on what you mean by going ‘crazy’, just screaming would be a painless, and nonviolent way to relieve your stress.

Why, you think that’d help? image

It helped me when I was still at my home. Have you never just decided to scream to let out all of your emotions? 

This is a judgement free zone, dear, I promise you. image

Alright— here goes then? She takes a deep breath So when I was younger I had no friends, yeah there was the kid who would occasionally ask if I wanted to play tag, but I had no one serious. As me and the kids grew up they started— as stupid as it sounds, harassing me, and I endured that treatment for years upon end, and each time, they’d get a little worse. I started writing though to keep myself from crying during the day, and it’d be a stress reliever when I was at home. Eventually though my writing went from poems and short stories to ways to kill those who’d wronged me.

I don’t like when they scream, it frightens me. What compels them to? Makes you think. image

It just gives me a horrible headache, though sometimes when I’m trying to sleep they can just be so sudden! Well there’s many different reasons, one being that it could be a way to let out their emotions. I expect that many of the people here have a lot of built up anger that has to be released somehow.

Is it alright for me to ask what happened? image

Only as long as you won’t judge me for what I did, I swear, it all had a reason.